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It's Friday night and I'm a little under the weather so of course that means that I can't get any sleep so...I figured I'd post here since the last posting I did was back in oh February. 
I've taken a step back and took a closer look at my life.  And really figure out what I want.  Yeah some of it's still the same(a girlfriend duh) but other things have become important to me.  I am setting money aside now  each and every payday so that I can get a  nice size downpayment on a house.
 Work's going pretty well my boss has been away for about 2 months now so I've been pretty busy.  She's suppose to come back on Tuesday but I've heard that before.
Karate going really well.  Since I started over completely I have moved up 3 ranks and I took first place in the invitational tournament.  And I've really been learning a lot from the "Fight Nights" and Mister Todd to improve my sparing skills.
Football season's here again and I want to make it to a game this year.  Maybe take in a Steelers game with my brother.  Speaking of games a group of us are going to see the Revolution's game next Sat.
The Ren Faire season has started again so I'll be making the trip up there here and there.
Oh and is it me or has the colder weather lately made anyone else think of the  Halloween season? Jason's Woods, Field of Screams, and The Bates Motel so many choices.   And just remember the movie comes out next Friday I'm going to see it with Liz.
Well that's all for now so until next time.

Rest In Piece John Danner you will be missed. August 07, 2007

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