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Ok so here are some details on my current situation with jobs. 
I'm going to be starting a customer service job with RabbitTransit on Monday the 18th.  I will finally be getting benifits after my 90 days.  Which will be up right in time to get paid for Christmas and New Years.  I'll be working Mon - Fri first shift with some overtime here and there.  So very cool.

And now for the Freak Show called Wolfgang's  So I gave my notice on Fri and they were pricks about it.  I lose all my built up sick time and I don't get paid for Labor day now.  But I would have if I would have waited until next Monday and just called in to quit.  WTF!?!?  Yep.  When I told my coworkers there were mixed reactions.  Some congratulations a few people were mad at me and others were  really upset about it.   FF to today just chugging along putting in my last few days and BOOM the machine operator (whose asst I am) walked out.   A few mins later  I'm told that  I'm being .........PROMOTED from Asst machine op to Machine op 1    WTF!!!!?????  I reminded her that I had quit and she didn't care.   Why would you promote someone who is quitting?  I have no clue.   If they're trying to get me to stay it's not going to work.  
As the guy from Sterling said  "Welcome to the Freak Show............freak"

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