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Celtic Fling

Well the Fling is over everyone's safe and sound at home. And I think I'm almost all the way dried out ;) I had a great time despite the rain. The Baby Shower for Michael and Dolores's bay was a big hit (even though I left their gift in the car opps).  I wnet over to the Feis to see Trish but I couldn't find her so I took some time to watch some of the dancers they all look like little dolls my neice plays with come to life hehe.  The Terrors were great as usual and we evren got Ian and Megs into the group photo.  Matt entered the haggas eating contest.  He got a larger plate than everyone else or he may have had a chance to win (he came in a very close 4th)  Andrew tried haggas, did he like it you may ask.  NO WAY JOSE' he was polite and told the guy it wasn't bad but then when we walked away he said it was horrible hehe.  Andrew got some raffle tickets for the shoulder dragons, but we left before the drawing. So Matt was kind enough to see if Andrew got anything; and he did he got a cool looking blue one  LOOKEY HERE     Well it's almost 1 so I have to get going to the gym talk to everyone soon.

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