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I'm just going to ramble a little bit here

I'm laying on my bed with ice packs on both my legs. I pushed way too hard the last few days. Andrew starts basic swim classes on tues.
We've been doing a movie night on mondays been working out pretty well.
I've seen a fair share of movies lately here's a semi rundown:

Posiden- sucked
scary Movie 4- ok
Bloodrayne- argh
Fight Club- loved it
Donnie Darko - great movie
X3- ;)
Stick it- thoght I'd hate it but it was pretty good

I have to go to some work thing tommorow not looking forward to it.
Next Sat is the "faire" near Shrewsbury at the markets I'll be there since it's so close to home.

Here's a question for you what symbol would best represent you? What would you say represents me? ie my friend Kip would get a bloody machett(sp?) because of his love for halloween,horror movies and scaring the crap out of people.

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