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It's Friday night and I'm a little under the weather so of course that means that I can't get any sleep so...I figured I'd post here since the last posting I did was back in oh February. 
I've taken a step back and took a closer look at my life.  And really figure out what I want.  Yeah some of it's still the same(a girlfriend duh) but other things have become important to me.  I am setting money aside now  each and every payday so that I can get a  nice size downpayment on a house.
 Work's going pretty well my boss has been away for about 2 months now so I've been pretty busy.  She's suppose to come back on Tuesday but I've heard that before.
Karate going really well.  Since I started over completely I have moved up 3 ranks and I took first place in the invitational tournament.  And I've really been learning a lot from the "Fight Nights" and Mister Todd to improve my sparing skills.
Football season's here again and I want to make it to a game this year.  Maybe take in a Steelers game with my brother.  Speaking of games a group of us are going to see the Revolution's game next Sat.
The Ren Faire season has started again so I'll be making the trip up there here and there.
Oh and is it me or has the colder weather lately made anyone else think of the  Halloween season? Jason's Woods, Field of Screams, and The Bates Motel so many choices.   And just remember the movie comes out next Friday I'm going to see it with Liz.
Well that's all for now so until next time.

Rest In Piece John Danner you will be missed. August 07, 2007
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Wasn't Me


     Well I survived yet another year .  Even though 2006 started out pretty harsh for me it did end on a few up notes.  I'm not really into the whole resolution "thing" but I am going to try and keep in touch with people better than I have.

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Well Happy New Year everyone
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What if

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Ok so here are some details on my current situation with jobs. 
I'm going to be starting a customer service job with RabbitTransit on Monday the 18th.  I will finally be getting benifits after my 90 days.  Which will be up right in time to get paid for Christmas and New Years.  I'll be working Mon - Fri first shift with some overtime here and there.  So very cool.

And now for the Freak Show called Wolfgang's  So I gave my notice on Fri and they were pricks about it.  I lose all my built up sick time and I don't get paid for Labor day now.  But I would have if I would have waited until next Monday and just called in to quit.  WTF!?!?  Yep.  When I told my coworkers there were mixed reactions.  Some congratulations a few people were mad at me and others were  really upset about it.   FF to today just chugging along putting in my last few days and BOOM the machine operator (whose asst I am) walked out.   A few mins later  I'm told that  I'm being .........PROMOTED from Asst machine op to Machine op 1    WTF!!!!?????  I reminded her that I had quit and she didn't care.   Why would you promote someone who is quitting?  I have no clue.   If they're trying to get me to stay it's not going to work.  
As the guy from Sterling said  "Welcome to the Freak Show............freak"
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All I desire

Quick Update

I just wanted to letr everyone know that I'm back at wolfgangs tommorow morning.  So my social life is going back to absolute zero but just really close.    I should be sleeping but it's kinda hard when I have been staying up really late.    Well wish me luck and maybe I can see some people on the sundays I have off.
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Double Jack

Celtic Fling

Well the Fling is over everyone's safe and sound at home. And I think I'm almost all the way dried out ;) I had a great time despite the rain. The Baby Shower for Michael and Dolores's bay was a big hit (even though I left their gift in the car opps).  I wnet over to the Feis to see Trish but I couldn't find her so I took some time to watch some of the dancers they all look like little dolls my neice plays with come to life hehe.  The Terrors were great as usual and we evren got Ian and Megs into the group photo.  Matt entered the haggas eating contest.  He got a larger plate than everyone else or he may have had a chance to win (he came in a very close 4th)  Andrew tried haggas, did he like it you may ask.  NO WAY JOSE' he was polite and told the guy it wasn't bad but then when we walked away he said it was horrible hehe.  Andrew got some raffle tickets for the shoulder dragons, but we left before the drawing. So Matt was kind enough to see if Andrew got anything; and he did he got a cool looking blue one  LOOKEY HERE     Well it's almost 1 so I have to get going to the gym talk to everyone soon.

Fling Pics    
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I may be outta comission for a few days I gathered myself a new scar to be and this time it's affecting my eyesight. I'll tell ya all later what happened I'm typing this with one eye so my backspace key is getting a workout TTYL
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All I desire

I'm just going to ramble a little bit here

I'm laying on my bed with ice packs on both my legs. I pushed way too hard the last few days. Andrew starts basic swim classes on tues.
We've been doing a movie night on mondays been working out pretty well.
I've seen a fair share of movies lately here's a semi rundown:

Posiden- sucked
scary Movie 4- ok
Bloodrayne- argh
Fight Club- loved it
Donnie Darko - great movie
X3- ;)
Stick it- thoght I'd hate it but it was pretty good

I have to go to some work thing tommorow not looking forward to it.
Next Sat is the "faire" near Shrewsbury at the markets I'll be there since it's so close to home.

Here's a question for you what symbol would best represent you? What would you say represents me? ie my friend Kip would get a bloody machett(sp?) because of his love for halloween,horror movies and scaring the crap out of people.
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